Annuals and Annual Reports


2020 saw ER Digital take on our very first annual report under our own brand. We worked on the project in collaboration with TUHF’s marketing team, simon-pure (project management) and Ink & Co (copywriting). Despite challenges courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual report was published as planned, and to compliments from Exco


Every year we get to assist Woodhill College in Pretoria East to make the graduation of the Grade 7 class extra special. Designing their annual year book is one of our passion projects. We get to let our hair down and have a little fun creating the yearly theme.


Who knew the world of goat farming was this complex and interesting? We sure didn’t! Then we were tasked with the design of IVG’s  annual stud book and a whole new world opened up for us. The ER Digital team loves nothing more than to learn something new while we work, and tend to produce work that is that much better as a result. The IVG annual is 100 pages of rules, regulations, studding and developments within the indigenous goat farming community, and grants us the opportunity to really show our print design chops.


In 2021 ER Digital took on the design of the CDE’s latest recipe book. Filled with healthy, low-calorie diabetic friendly recipes, courtesy of an organisation that is passionate about assisting people living with diabetes to live a better life, this publication sits close to our hearts. Possibly a little closer to our stomachs, because the recipes look so good!

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