CI Design

Protean Business Solutions

We kicked off 2021 with a rebrand for Protean Business Solutions, an international company specialising in Risk and Resiliency Solutions. Our task was to create an inspiring an unpredictable look for their brand, avoiding the stiff corporate feel that is so often associated with the industry.

The redesign started with a new logo, and included a mini CI, stationery templates, social templates and a web redesign. The team at Protean was beyond thrilled with the results.

SVR spaces

Interior Designer, Shaun van Rooyen, needed a look for his brand new business. SVR Spaces is all about class, subtlety and excellence and his CI needed to reflect this. The choice of black, white and gold was natural, and speaks to the elegance of the SVR spaces brand.

We had a blast creating this CI and can’t wait to branch it out into his website. Watch this space!

Republicate PR

Republicate PR is a new venture specialising in Public Relations, Communications and Online Marketing. The dynamic duo needed a CI that expressed their individuality, their professionalism and their innovative approach. Republicate was a treat to work with and we’re thrilled to have been able to present them with exactly what they were after.


One of our very first projects was the creation of simon-pure’s CI. As simon-pure is a highly niche communications agency that specialises in creating brand personas and strategies, nothing short of perfection would do. The collaboration resulted in a beautiful CI (if we do say so ourselves) and we continue to work with simon-pure on various projects

Venture Technology Partners

A new agency based in Cape Town and our latest CI project, Venture Tech was a fun challenge. A strong team that knows exactly what they want, and a CI which once again could not be predictable or obvious meant much brainstorming and collaboration in the ER Digital studio. The results were spot on and well received by the Venture Tech team.

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