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Reduvit Plus is a proudly South Africa multivitamin, formulated by South Africans, for South Africans. This product is highly popular among the older population. ER Digital’s challenge is to get the word out to the youth, that this product is here, it’s effective, and it’s affordable – all on social media.

Our chosen platforms for the challenge are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Although Twitter was not a first choice, the brand already had an account and a few experimental posts proved this platform to be very effective. Who knew? Twitter isn’t quite dead yet after all.

Quantify Your Future

At the end of 2020, ER Digital took on the management of the existing social accounts for Quantify Your Future. Quantify Your Future is a project of SAGEA, which provides information and insights to potential learners and students, in order to enhance their understanding of new roles emerging in the world-of-work, and opportunities related to future careers.

It’s a vast, interesting and fast-developing field, and one that poses unique challenges within South Africa. Of course we took on the challenge with full enthusiasm, and are going strong on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Pretoria Boeremark

The Pretoria Boeremark already had a Facebook page up and running when ER Digital stepped in. We share the running of the page with volunteers from the Boeremark committee. Our role is to provide content creation to those exhibitors who choose to take us up on the offer. These include Dirla, Inspire Photography, Nguni Moon and Die Groentetuin.

In addition to the Facebook page, we launched an Instagram account for the Boeremark. This proved to be incredibly popular, and is still growing strong

uMaStandi (now TUHF21)

uMaStandi’s socials are run across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and are geared to educate South Africans about the organisation and what they do, as well as encourage investors. Since beginning management of these pages late in 2020, we have seen a great uptake in interaction and have gathered valuable insight into the brand, resulting in new products, areas of finance and assisting in the positioning of their 2021 rebrand.

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